The goal of this page is to give SHOUT OUTS to those who go above and beyond at any given time. Please send me your SHOUT OUTS to ADD to this LIST!

This is just a partial list of shout outs of which will continually be added to:

A warm thank you and SHOUT OUT to the Heart for Missions teams and their undying love and energy they give to us each time they visit.

Not only do they do work hard on the land making things look good and building all kinds of things, but, they were instrumental in purchasing our land the homes sit on. Many of you may not know that the Mexican government has many policies regarding the purchase of land. One had to “possess” the land and then “purchase”it. Heart for Missions was one of two non profits who donated money for the last step in a many year process of getting our land with complete ownership. ( It was only this past year that Mexico has allowed the people to purchase and own land) Thank God for all the changes. This time it was for the better.

Doug Bernie for his continued support by supplying the community both Guaymas and Emplame with innumerable services including but not limited to eye glasses. Doug works harder than anyone I know. He is faithful to come visit and spend every moment of his time “working”. We rely on Doug for so much. Thank you Doug

Hearts for Missions is one of the first ministries to visit KKO. Without their support the buildings, furniture and just about every major project would not be where it is today.

El Shaddai again hard working individuals who work without needing praise.

Hebrews1:7 ministry sends Spanish bibles (cases and cases) so that anyone who wants a bible will not be without.

Dove Mountain Rotary Club Our relationship with Dove Mountain Rotary Club continues to be one of grateful blessings. We can not say in words how important their support, not just monetarily but also hand on work.

So once again we at Missions for Jesus and Kings Kids Orphanage would like to sincerely thank the Dove Rotary Club of Utah for their generous gift of $1400.00  of which will provide our children with schooling, clothing and other items to enhance their educational experiences.


Most of all thank you to our monthly prayer and financial supporters. Without you there is no Kings Kids Orphanage.

I just wanted to give a shout out to those behind the scenes who quietly build our faith through prayer and action.If I am missing someone or something please let me know. I am sure there are hundreds of others.