At KKO we can have from 12-20 children at any given time.

While it is most beneficial to have children live in a stable loving home rather than being placed and removed over and over again as what can happen to many of the children we receive at Kings Kids Orphanage. The system often out of necessity moves these children from place to place.

However, it is our gift at Kings Kids  to offer a long term environment that mimic’s as closely as possible a home. This is just one of the reasons our children are placed in the home atmosphere that Kings Kids offers. Our stable environment along with and most importantly teaching and showing the Love of Jesus Christ has created such success with our children. It is possible, that some of these children may leave our home or that we may accept other children on a temporary basis.  Due to regulations here in Mexico we cannot publically post detailed information about our children. For information on our current children please contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

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